October 2003

So I'm finally headed in the right direction again. Thanks to one of the people in our Friday night support group who challenged us to go back on induction for a week on the 5th of September. The combination of induction and finally getting in shape to really start running after 20 months of walking has combined to help me lose 15 pounds since August 24th. I've now set my sights on getting to that 150 goal by Christmas again. And it's looking more likely all the time.

A lot of people have been wondering how I'm doing so in response to them I'll put these up even though I don't have time to create all the charts and graphs right now. As you can see I'm refocused and once more on the way.

Here is a link to a slide show that I've created of my side view pictures from the beginning to the current month. It's a 6 meg file and runs in Real Player, I tried it as an mpg file but that was too large so this is what I can do at the time.

Don's Slide Show

Updated 11/09/2003

Much has happened since March when I last updated this section of my site. Our little support group has grown and continues to grow. We now meet twice a week and our Friday group is using Dr. Phil McGraw's new book The Ultimate Weight Solution :  The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom, in conjunction with the lo-carb way of eating to really create a long term successful experience.

I have a physical scheduled for Nov. 4th, and I expect to have new blood work to post shortly after that. I really expect it to be even better than it was last October. Next month I'll do charts and graphs and blood work and all. I promise! !

031001 total

Weight 171
Total Loss 159 Pounds







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