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I have spent most of my life searching for some way to control  my weight. I became convinced several years ago that it was not possible for me to accomplish that so I became resigned to the fact that I would be heavy all the rest of my life. I watched my mother struggle with her weight all her life and go from  OA to Weight Watchers to whatever the next new way to lose weight was and she was never able to take it off and keep it off. I believed that I inherited my body from her and that because she was never successful I could not be successful either.

So some years ago I determined to accept myself as big and learn  to live with it. I had some times in there where I did what she had done. I would lose weight and then soon put it back on again. In fact I finally determined that the end result of every diet I was ever on was that, when it was all said and done I ended up weighing ten pounds more then I did when I started to diet. That seemed to me to be counter productive so I gave up dieting. I'm sure that if you are heavy some of you will identify with that cycle.

Having said all that, it still did not stop the weight creep that came with getting older. I have calculated that I'd gained about six pounds a year for the last ten years and I know that for the last five at over 300 pounds life was not easy. When you can't reach your body to keep it clean or to do simple things like cut your toenails or tie your shoes or even put on a pair of socks it is not fun. And I don't care how much you learn to accept yourself and love yourself it still is not a fun way to live.

I am a person who believes in positive thinking, I have been a  fan of Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar and Paul Harvey for all  of my adult life. And I've heard Zig Ziglar say how "for much of his life  he weighed over two hundred pounds by choice." Because as he goes on to  say, "No one ever forced him to eat". But no amount of positive thinking  seemed to help me lose weight and I never found the choice that worked for me.

I love to walk and run but as I now know, because of medication that doctors put me on in 1987 and because of the increasing weight, exercise became less and less an option for me until for most of the year of 2001 I was almost entirely sedentary. I was spending ten to twelve hours a day sitting in front of a computer. I only left the house when I had to and I found myself spending hours every day in bed because I was always tired.

So what changed all that. Two thing happened at the same time to open the door for a whole new way of life for me. My doctor told me that I was diabetic and asked me if I was familiar with Dr. Atkins ideas about how carbohydrates effect diabetes. I was not so he went on to tell me about being diabetic. To be honest, the idea of being diabetic scared me to death. I watched my mother go through that and I don't want to go there. But at that moment I didn't have a clue how I was going to be able to escape what seemed at that moment to be inevitable.

Then the next day I found "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution" at Sam's club and a day or two later I began to read it. And that was when I found a new option to chose from. You see my response to Zig Ziglar's statement has always been this. When you don't have an alternative that works for you, you don't have a choice. And when it came to losing weight I had never found an option that worked for me. But as I read DANDR I could identify with what Dr. Atkins was saying because he was describing my weight gaining experience and my life. And because I have preached for years that life is about choices and consequences I knew that because  I was now aware of an option that I had not tried, that might work, I would at least have to try it to be true to my own creed.

So on the 4th of February, 2002, I started down the path I now  know will be my way of eating for the rest of my life. I was a bit tentative,  but I figured that the most I had to lose was a couple of weeks and if  it didn't work I could always go back to my old way of eating. What you  will find on the pages of this web site are the mileposts I have passed  so far on my journey, and new insights I have discovered. I know this is not a diet that I can do until I get to my goal weight and then go off of. I will have to eat this way for the rest of my life. Unless, that is, I make the choice to be fat again. But I can't imagine  now I would ever want to do that. I don't want to go back to the sluggish,  sleepy, always uncomfortable life that I was living.

I share this with the world in the hope that somehow some of you  might be spared the years that I spent looking for some way to take control of my body. If your visit here helps you find the process that works to let you take control of your life before you are sixty-two then you are way ahead of me. And if my journey gives you a hint of how to do that or my success gives you some incentive to try then these pages have done what I intended them to do.

I would not presume to tell anyone else how to take control of their  own life. I know that each person has to make their own choices and until  they are ready to embrace a new way it does no good to push them down that path. But if you are heavy and have not considered Low Carb as a possible solution to your condition then I invite you to at least consider it and maybe even to do what I did. Commit to test it for two weeks before deciding it can't possibly be the answer for you.

Buy the book, follow the links on my links page, and do the research  you need to do to make your own decision about your life. If I had listened  to all those well meaning friends who just knew how BAD the Atkins  diet was I would still weigh more than 330 pounds, would by now probably  have lost my left leg to diabetes and would not be sharing all this with  you. Listen to your heart and your own mind.

Feel free to communicate with me by following the e-mail link at the bottom of my Home Page and sending me e-mail if you have suggestions,  comments or feedback of any kind. I really appreciate knowing when something  I have shared has given someone hope or helped them to find a way to take  control of their life.

I appreciate the time you have given me by taking time to read my story. Thanks for dropping by to visit. Welcome to my life, please stop by often, I will be adding to this for a long time.

Don Elliott.

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