Low Carb books I've read that I was helped by.

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why we get fat image

This is the newest book I've found about Low Carb eating and I find it very enlightening.



This was the first Low Carb book that I read and it got me started on my new way of life.

Age Defying Diet

In this book Dr. Atkins does a great job of explaining how the body processes food and supplements. I learned a lot more about how my body really works in this book then I did in the diet book.

Low Carb Success

This book examines a number of Low Carb diets and what the differences are. She also does a great job of explaining what you can realistically expect to achieve from a low carb way of life. I found it to be very helpful. Here is a link to the authors site. http://www.lowcarbsuccess.net/ 

vita nutrient

If you want to know about vitamins and supplements this is the book for you. I wish I had found it when I started this way-of -eating.

living the low carb life

This book is due to be released in February, 2004 so I have not read it yet, but the author tells me that he referenced my web site in the  resource section on (page 293). Here is a link to the author's web site. wwwjonnybowdencom. There is a lot of good information on his site.

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