Useful Links

Here are a collection of links that I've found useful. They are places that I've gone for information, inspiration or tools to evaluate my progress. I hope you find them useful also.

Low Carb books I've read that I was helped by.

This page is a list of some of the books I've read along the way that have helped me on my journey.  Books


Calculators are important because they let you analyze your progress and the goals you need to set. There are calculators for many different parts of the process. The links on these pages point to some of the one's that I found useful.  Calculators

Low Carb Shopping

At some point you want or need more options for buying low carb food. These links are just some of the one's that I've found helpful.  Low Carb Shopping

Published Research Articles

It is always encouraging to see research that supports this way of eating. And here are some of the articles that I've found to be helpful. Published Research Articles

Low Carb Information

The sites on this page are good sources of information about the low carb way of eating. They have all been places of encouragement and information. Low Carb Information

Success Stories

Nothing inspires like reading the success stories of others on the journey. Here are links to my own stories but also to other stories that have inspired me.  Success Stories

Support Sites

Some of us need more support then others, here are links to some of the support sites and forums that have helped me along the way. Support Sites

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