Journey around the USA started today October 9th.

Having crossed the country twice it's time to start a new journey, and this time I think I'll start a trip around the perimeter of the United States. This is a journey that I am actually considering doing on my motorcycle someday and until that day I'll just satisfy myself with a virtual journey as I walk and run. As I progress along I'll be adding maps. It looks like if I follow Hi-Way 17 most of the way down it is about 1294 miles from Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to the sign pointing to Cuba at the southern tip of Key West. That is my intended first leg of this virtual journey.

It's year end and I've walked 700 miles since October 9th.

Don and Donna

Donna and I checked out Myrtle Beach on 12/27/2003 and here is a picture of us walking on the beach together.

walk 031231







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