Golden Gate to Cape Hatteras

It is now time to start back across the country and the map below is the course I plan to take. I'll be leaving the Golden Gate Bridge on 1/2/2003 and after a brief pause at my brother's house I'll be off to climb Pikes Peak. And then on across the country to the Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras. Only 3,232 miles to go. I'll provide updated maps and progress reports from time to time.

It's now April 1st and I've traveled 1144 miles since January 2nd and find myself well into Colorado. I actually took this route on my motorcycle in 1995 so in some ways I'm reliving that trip as I do this virtual walk. In 1995 I stopped at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, it is one of the best kept secrets of Colorado. Here is a picture of the area.


I arrived at Pikes Peak on Thursday April 17th at 2:42 MDT. Because of an error in mapping I thought I arrived a  day earlier and had captured pictures of the peak from 15 miles away on that date. The web cam can be found at this link--: . The weather here in North Carolina was warm and sunny and temperatures in the upper 70's.

I'm glad that this was a virtual trip.

Pikes Peak composit

On October 8th I finally arrived at the lighthouse at Cape Hatteras. The map below charts my journey across the country. Several years ago I actually climbed the steps to the top of this lighthouse. That would be a much easier task for me today and less than half of what I weighed at that time.  Below this map you can read about my next virtual journey.


arrived at the cape c







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