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December 20th Half Gone pictures 

My Great Weight Loss Adventure.


Weight 165
Total Loss 165 Pounds

On December 20th, 2002 I reached another milestone. I now weigh exactly half of what I weighed when I started this diet. That's a loss of 165 pounds in 319 days. I only have 15 pounds to go to reach my goal weight.

Total miles walked from

2/04/2002 - 12/31/2003

6,927 miles


814,001 calories


232.5 Pounds

Here is a link to a slide show that I've created of my side view pictures from the beginning to the January 2004. This is now a Macromedia Flash Show and only 600 K. It gives you a pretty good picture of how my body changed over time.

If you need the player click on this link: 

Macromedia Flash Player Download Site

Check this out!!!
Don's Slide Show
Updated 1/06/2004

I have moved my Virtual walk to a separate page. Updated on 10/31/03.

Click here to view it.

To download a PDF copy of my story click on the link below. This file requires Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or later to view.

My story in PDF format.

File size 445 K.
Revised on 1/04/2003

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